Moist-N-Aire Humidifier

Here is a professional grade humidifier used in many cigar shops. The concept is simple. You fill the stainless steel basin with regular water up to one inch below the 3/4 holes. Place the top piece over the basin, plug it in and then set the humidistat to the desired humidity. Once the desired humidity has been reached, the unit will shut down automatically until a call for more humidity is received. The fan underside the unit pushes air down over the basin, which in turn releases humidified air thru the 3/4 holes. This humidifier will maintain up to 16 boxes of cigars or 54 cubic feet of space. It is ideal for end table cabinets, wall cabinets and walk-in closets. These units wear like iron. Measures: 9 L x 5 W x 9 H.

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