Cigar Oasis Plus

Designed for up to 1000 capacity cigar endtable type humidors (up to 10 cubic feet) 

No more dry or soggy cigars!!! The Next Generation Cigar Oasis PLUS automatically controls and maintains the humidity in your humidor. Set your Cigar Oasis at 70%, and as soon as the humidity drops below that point, the Oasis will turn on to raise the humidity in the humidor. The PLUS is ideal for mid-size cabinets between 4 and 10 cubic feet. While this unit is the same size as the EXCEL, the PLUS gives out 5 times more rapid humidification for a larger humidor and has a different air-flow pattern to achieve incredibly reliable humidification. The digital readout gives you an accurate humidity reading in your humidor at all times. The Cigar Oasis PLUS uses a cartridge which may be refilled over and over with distilled water only. The cartridge can last up to 6 months without needing a refill depending on the size, seal and how frequently the humidor gets opened. The cartridges are factory treated with a mold retardant so that your cigars will always be safe and no chemical solutions are needed. The Cigar Oasis PLUS is powered by AC using a paper thin ribbon cable which runs out of the humidor between the hinges without breaking the seal.  AC power is recommended for long term use, but a battery pack option (sold separately) is available.

Use the Next Generation Cigar Oasis PLUS for your smokes and get a nice, even draw every time.

The Next Generation Cigar Oasis Plus is the most powerful active humidifier in its size -Perfect for small cabinets & coffee table humidors

  • Powerful  fan rapidly circulates humidity throughout the entire humidor-regardless of where placed
  • Powers via paper thin ribbon cable
  • Provides consistent, unattended, long term, humidity control
  • Fan circulates air to reach each cigar equally – No need to rotate cigars
  • Set humidity to the precise level preferred
  • Displays temperature and three day min/max averages for humidity NEW
  • Low Water/Low Battery indicator & alarm
  • Micro-USB connections   NEW
  • Wi-Fi Capable- monitor humidity, settings, water & battery level (Optional Accessory)   NEW
  • Email/text alerts for Low Humidity, Low Water, & Low Battery (Optional) NEW
  • Calibration Adjustment
  • Rechargeable battery attachment (Sold Separately)

Dimensions: Length: 6” Width: 2” Height: 3.5”