Refueling your refillable butane lighter is quite easy. Refill cans are available just about anywhere beware of using a cheap brand of fuel which can damage the inlet valve and, more commonly, clog the burner valve.

The most common mistake made in refilling a butane cigar lighter, is not keeping the can and the lighter upside down. If you do not refill with the can in the upside down position, you will just inject air into the lighter and it will not work properly until it is bled and refilled.

To refill:

First read the warning labels and instructions on the can. Aim away from face and stay away from any open flame or ignition source. Please use common sense!


Turn the adjustment screw to the (-) position. On some lighters, it is located in the same hole as the inlet valve, wrapped around the inlet valve, and requires a small standard screw driver. Other cigar lighters have a separate, easier to locate, adjustment screw, and some have a knob over the adjustment screw that can be turned with your fingers.

Hold the lighter and the refill can upside down. There will be a small hole at the bottom of your lighter; inside the hole you’ll see the inlet valve. Press the tip of the refill can over the inlet valve and press down firmly for 4-5 seconds. Repeat once.

Adjust the flame to desired height.


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