With proper care and attention, your humidor will last a long time.


  • Store your humidor on a flat even surface.
  • This will prevent it from being knocked over.
  • Never store your humidor in direct sunlight. This may fade the wood and heat the inside of the humidor past the safe range.
  • Prevent placing objects on top of the humidor.
  • Do not place the humidor near a source of heat or cold, like a window or fireplace. This may raise the temperature inside the humidor to a level past the safe range.


  • Always use a soft cloth when cleaning.
  • Furniture polish and Murphy’s soap are good products which can be safely used on the outside of your humidor to either clean or polish it.
  • Regular dustings will help keep your humidor looking as good as new.
  • Never use any kind of cleaning solutions for the inside of your humidor. The odor they emit can ruin the flavor of your cigars.

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