Nepal’s Ministry of Health has launched the Tobacco Products Control Convention Strategy – 2030 with the objective of reducing tobacco consumption in the long term, according to a story in The Himalayan Times.

The Times said it was believed that the strategy would provide guidelines for the development and implementation of tobacco control programs by policy makers, service providers, related government ministries and bodies, and national and international non-governmental organizations.

The strategy, which is said to incorporate various tobacco-control measures, such as monitoring tobacco consumption, declaring more public places smoke-free, and motivating people to give up tobacco, was prepared by the ministry’s National Health Education, Information and Communications Center. It was launched on Friday by the Minister for Health Deepak Bohara during an event organized by the Center in Kathmandu.

Addressing the event, Bohara expressed confidence that the strategy would be a milestone in controlling tobacco products. He said there was a need for inter-ministry co-ordination for the implementation of the strategy at local, provincial and federal levels.

Nepal signed up to the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control on December 3, 2003, and ratified it on November 7, 2006.

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